Memory Care in Greenacres, FL

The Evergreen Program

The purpose of our Evergreen Program is to provide a memory care community in Palm Beach County where residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or memory loss illnesses can live to the full extent of their abilities, thriving with the ever-present support and encouragement of our skilled memory care professionals. Offering a higher caregiver-to-resident ratio than general assisted living options, our memory care community is staffed by specialists who understand this challenging disease and how it impacts the life and actions of the individual.

Through specialized training, caregivers are able to respond to each resident with compassion and insight, so they may provide care for the person while monitoring the disease. This tailored approach allows us to create a plan of care which includes personalized activities based on an individual’s likes, needs, and abilities. By tailoring care for each resident, we aim to improve confidence and enhance self-esteem for your loved one.

Arbor Oaks at Greenacres

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Our Tailored Approach to Memory Care

With a decade-long tradition of providing the utmost quality care and assistance for seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory loss illnesses, the success of our Evergreen Program for memory care hinges on the following principles:

  • Recognizing the individual, because all of our residents bring their own unique life experiences and care needs.
  • Involving family members, because loved ones play such a vital role in our residents’ personalized care.
  • Offering a warm residential setting, because familiar and relaxing atmospheres foster stability for residents in this type of caregiving environment.

Committed to providing an ideal solution for seniors and their families, the Evergreen Program offers specialized memory care services in a supportive, caring environment.

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